So many children live this way every day of their young lives.  Silent, withdrawn, keeping to themselves.   But, in a busy world we live in, who really takes the time to notice little Johnny, little Cindy?  Even in their own homes, parents are too busy to take notice, and decide that Johnny is just playing up in his room.  Changes do occur and we must take notice if your child, a child at school, is changing.  Silence isn’t always “golden” like they say, it could also be a sign your child is being bullied, abused and he/she has no voice to let anyone know.  They live in fear, fear of what will happen if they do tell, fear of what would happen to their family unit, if abuse is happening in their own homes. 

Their hearts are being torn apart by what is being done to them. Their abuser is keeping them silent.  Their hearts are hurting so badly, they shed tears in silence, when they are alone. On the outside, instead of being that silent, withdrawn child, they are looking happy, not a care in the world, living a life like any normal child, so they think!! They are putting on a front, hiding behind that smile so not to be detected, not to look different. Bit by bit they are becoming a shadow of themselves from the inside out.  Children of abuse don’t have a voice, WE the adult must be that voice for them.  Don’t let a child down, reach out if you see your child or another child change in some way, if sadness, depression, takes hold of them.  Talk to them, let them know you can be that trusting person who cares.  Don’t ever turn away from a child in need, take off those blinders, be a voice for an innocent child.  I was that child who on the outside looked happy for the most part, pretending nothing happened, but on the inside I was dying slowly, trapped within.  My heart was aching but I had no voice.  So as a child, I did nothing. 

Let’s be a voice for the innocent children of abuse.  “We are the forgotten children, please stand up and fight for us. Help take away the monsters from hell, who abuse us in every way.”  Remember children everywhere, protection is what they need.  Be that voice, help set them free!!!


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