What this world of ours needs is more love. We live in a world where hate dominates. A world filled with hatred for others. Whether it be race, religion, sex, gender. Seems everyone has something to say!!! Why can’t we live in peace, harmony, with love all around us?  Is that a “fairy tale?” Does it not exist any longer? 

Hatred does sneer at love.  Children learn almost from birth to hate.  And it’s not their fault, it’s a learned behaviour that needs to change.  In some parts of the world, children are handed a machine gun, learn how to kill, learn that they are the superior race.  Innocent children are killed, told they will be martyres. They are brainwashed so badly, will this ever change? 

How do we spread love? One way is to start at home, sharing with your child the meaning of love, that we should all love one another, not hate someone because of the way they look, the colour of their skin, the ethnic background, their sexual orientation,  etc.  Children learn this at an early age, when going to school, they will sneer at someone because they look different, they learn to judge others, this usually happens when they are with their peers.  

We are such a diverse society now.  We need to learn to get along with each other, to learn to love each others cultures, and those coming into our countries need to learn to adjust to our culture, not change it for their purposes.  This has caused so much hatred among cities, countries. it needs to stop!!! Let’s wipe out hatred!!!!…Mary Graziano©


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