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Please join us at the National Association of Survivors of Child Abuse as we fight the battle to reduce the incidence of child abuse and trauma that occurs today, and offer hope to the millions of adult survivors who still suffer the consequences of the pain they experienced in childhood.

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Mary Graziano

Administrator for the blog Together We Can Heal

 I am from Hamilton, Ontario Canada 

For the past 24 years I have worked as an Educational Assistant and work with children with special needs..   

 I am 64 years old, and a survivor of incest, by my adopted father,sexual abuse by my mother’s cousin, physical and emotional abuse by my adopted mother. 

I write poetry, and started writing on my own blog at http://www.nippercats.blogspot.com  in 2008. I have often joined with  Michal Madison where I share my poetry with the beautiful watercolour paintings she has shared on Facebook, many of which are paintings of abused children.  

I am now  a survivor/thriver.   I thank so many who have helped me walk this path and find myself again.  It has been a long journey, but I see good in this tragedy also.  If this had not happened, I don’t think I would be writing so many poems/songs/ be an advocate against child abuse, and have met so many wonderful people along my journey.

I write every day, and now write about others in their struggles, to try and help them see that they are not alone. This is one thing that I truly believe. There is always HOPE!!!! Don’t EVER give up!!!!

Mary Graziano shared Michal Madison Art.  www.MichalMadisonArt.com


Hope is Creator’s unconditional love.
Whispering to you.
Press forward.
Like the butterfly.
On its long dauntless journey.
Hope is courage.
Giving you will.
To fight the depths of your inner self.
Freeing your mind.
Letting go of all negativity.
Hope transcends all barriers.
Coming into your life.
Giving you the reason to keep going.
No time to waste on.
I CAN’T!!!
Love that embraces you.
From others who care.
Bringing a feeling.
Of overwhelming peace. Calmness. Grace.
Helping to rejuvenate your spirit.
Hope is perseverance.
Inspiration you give to others.
Relaying a message.
Never give up!!!
No matter the obstacle.
Always cherish.
Never doubt that there IS.

Prose by Mary Graziano©
Revised October 6, 2015
Fabulous watercolour painting &
Title “HOPE”
by my wonderful friend Michal Madison©2014

Michal Madison's photo.


What appears here will always be related to the basic mission at our grassroots organization .. to address the many issues of child abuse and trauma. We’ll cover these topics from two basic perspectives. First, we’ll seek to educate the public about prevention and intervention as we attempt to reduce the incidence of child abuse for today’s at-risk kids. Secondly we’ll seek to offer hope and recovery to those many millions of adults who still suffer from the pain and consequences of the abuses they experienced in their youth.


4-1-medBill Murray is Founder and CEO – National Association of Adult Survivors of Child Abuse (NAASCA) and the host of the “Stop Child Abuse Now” radio talk show. “After more than 30 years of sobriety and recovery from the issues initiated by my severe child abuse, I’m hoping our grassroots NAASCA.org not-for-profit effort resonates with hope for all who have struggled to share their abuse stories. We deal with all the topics of child abuse and trauma .. prevention, intervention and recovery.”

Bill is also the Founder and CEO of Los Angeles Community Policing at LACP.org where issues of local, regional, national, and global public safety are addressed. Published continuously since early 2002, the website now has thousands of pages of articles, resources and information, and long ago was designated by the Department of Justice COPS program as the world’s largest grassroots effort devoted to the topics of community-based policing.






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