PreventChildAbuse-ribbonThe not-for-profit National Association of Adult Survivors of Child Abuse is dedicated to supporting a vibrant solution-oriented discussion of the many issues surrounding child abuse and trauma, including the topics of prevention, intervention and recovery. Many of our grassroots members are themselves survivors of child abuse, while others are people who are either engaged in the fight to protect our children or in support of their most basic rights.

We’re hoping to convince the public that speaking out is a vitally important responsibility for all adults, since kids lack their own voice, and work to defeat the notion that child abuse and trauma can be, or should be, ignored. We need to overcome the taboo of discussing such topics, address the world-wide pandemic that faces our children, and offer the hope of recovery to the tens of millions of North American adults still suffering from the (many times unrecognized) damage they experienced in their youth.

4 thoughts on “WELCOME

  1. I attended ASCA meetings when I was living in NJ, but haven’t found a resource since moving to Charleston, SC eight months ago. I’m grateful to have found this site.

    I’ve started my own blog … not so much about my history, but in a particular lifestyle choice I’ve recently made. Sites like this will definitely help me once I hit the road.


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      • Thank you. Yes, I reviewed this list shortly after arriving. Unfortunately, the only organization in my area was focused more on women and rape than male child abuse survivors. There was nothing within 50 miles of Charleston, which surprised me … Charleston is one of the major cities in the state. But i appreciate you taking the time to forward this list to me.


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