In nature animals trudge on,
never giving up. Meeting many adversities
in their lives, but, no matter what the cost
they continue on, with determination
to see the rising sun of new dawn,
knowing their courage helped them
reach their final destination.
Be amazed at the beauty
surrounding you.
Time to be positive, a time to renew.
Life, is an arduous journey.
One we must all travel.
You can live it to the fullest,
with a positive attitude or,
face it with negativity
which makes life gruelling!!
Meet it with determination,
have the potential to see it through.
To reach your goals, your dreams,
they CAN come alive!!
Seek joy, embrace living.
There is no room
for negative thoughts!!
We must trudge onward,
like the animals in nature.
Their journey is on survival,
hoping they live to see tomorrow.
Your dreams, your journey
is whatever you want out of life.
Giving up is too easy,
face each day with tenacity!!
Follow your heart, your soul.
Above all, your dreams.
Move forward, each step,
helping to bring you closer to
Embrace the Journey.

Prose by Mary Graziano ©
Revised June 10, 2016

Beautiful watercolour painting & title
Embrace the Journey
By my fabulous, wonderful friend & artist
Michal Madison

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