We all have an “inner child” within us. As survivors of child abuse, often times our inner child is silent, afraid, hiding in the background, because of the abuse that happened to us, we have not had the chance to live our young lives as happy, go-lucky children.  We may have blocked out what happened and continued on our life’s journey pretending that nothing happened.  I for one did that.  But, our “inner child” is hurting, wanting to be able to come out from the darkness, but is not comfortable in doing so. She/he lives inside us in fear, fear of being hurt all over again.  To help our “inner child” come out from the deep abyss, we need to talk to her/him., let them know that it is safe, if you have healed from your abuse as an adult, and you yourself know that it is safe to tell your inner child this.  As we tell her/him that they are now free, that the monster can’t hurt them anymore, there may be a lot of resistance from your inner child in believing you.  Trust has been broken, now we must mend the fence, and bring that trust forward.  With a lot of love, understanding, your inner child, will hopefully start to open up to you, trusting that you are their safety net.  Play, colour, read fun stories to your inner child.  These are things that you may as a child not been able to do.  Together you will grow into one person again.  A survivor, she/he will smile again, feel free to explore your world with you, as a survivor/thriver/warrior.  

“I won’t let the demons hurt you, I will be your guiding light, to protect you and always love you, in the darkness of the night.”  

     I spoke these words to my inner child in my healing from abuse, it took quite awhile to get her to trust me, but now we are one, happy, living the life that was robbed from us as  children. Never to be abused again. To help others in their own healing journey.  Take your inner child by the hand, lead her to safety, your safety, be free, to live the rest of your life in peace..Hugs and Love to all. Mary Graziano© June, 2016



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