By Mary E Graziano on Sunday, May 12, 2013 at 7:49pm


Being kind to yourself first, then to others, let go of that person that once was.  BE WHO YOU ARE NOW!!!  Moving toward becoming a survivor.   Become brave within yourself, and then you can find  that confidence.  Begin to trust yourself, trust who you really are….

Your world will finally open up to you in many ways you never knew existed.

Embrace it, see it, feel it.  All the right answers are not always there for us when we really need it the most. We are often afraid to experiene something we all hate. Fear!!!

Standing up for yourself is facing your fears.  Don’t wait for someone to come along and give you permission to live your life, live it your way…

Don’t let others push you around, you are your own person, and need to remember that.  Fear makes us want to run away from a situation, and sometimes for safety reasons, we need to run.  But we often stay locked up in the past, fear of moving on, to the unknown.  The past is where our abuser lived, and  for many, still lives inside our heads, keeping a person  prisoner of the past, not knowing how to turn the situation around and say “GO TO HELL, I’M NOT AFRAID OF YOU ANYMORE.”  Instead they let the abuse still continue to win inside of themselves, thinking that they can’t heal, they are always going to be under the “spell” of their abuser.  But it doesn’t  have to be that way.  This is where courage comes into play.

Courage doesn’t come from outside, it comes from within, but sometimes you just haven’t realized it, you have to learn to find it again.  It takes Courage to leave the past behind, to close that door, lock it and walk away to live in the present, where you belong.  This is where your life can change for the better.  You don’t belong in that past anymore, yes it was horrific, immensely broke you, took away your spirit, your self worth, everything about you, and even your will to live at times.  But it doesn’t mean you have to keep living there.  

So find that Courage, it is there, buried deep within.  Grab hold, take charge of yourself and your Courage will come forward to help you become who you really are, releasing you from the clutches of the past, to live in the now, and to enjoy your future the way it should be and to become 

The real you ~ 

By Mary Graziano ©

re-edited  Aug. 29, 2013

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