Mary shared Michal Madison Art‘s photo.
Published by Mary E Graziano · 


Listen attentively. Immerse yourself.
To hear that little voice deep inside!!
Release all doubts. Fears. Negativity.
Blow them away. Set them free.
Your critical self.
Will try to take over.
Telling you. “You can’t. Why try.
They will never be set free!”
In the deepest part of you.
Slowly surmounting.
Past your critical self
Acknowledge it. Reach out.
Embrace it!!
Never let your critical self win.
Quite your mind.
Your inner wisdom wants. Needs. To speak!!
Don’t let the harshness prevail.
Eradicate all demeaning thoughts.
Listen intently.
To what your heart is trying to say.
Where silence calms.
A place where you will hear.
Inner wisdom speak.
Helping. Guiding.
Leading you to another dimension.
One you never thought possible.
With strength. Determination.
Deep inside yourself.
That little voice.
Represents. Embraces.
Tune in intently.
Feel your Inner Wisdom.

Prose by Mary Graziano©
Revised February 4, 2015

Beautiful, astounding
Watercolour painting & Title
“Listening to Inner Wisdom”
by my wonderful, artistic friend
Michal Madison©

Michal Madison Art's photo.
Michal Madison Art with Mary E Graziano.

“One day she decided to listen
Really listen
Not to the noisy chatter
of her mind that told her she couldn’t
But to the voice within her heart
that knew she absolutely could
And so began the rest of her life.”
~Anna Taylor

Listening to Inner Wisdom
watercolor by Michal Madison

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