pizap.com14542995790923Tonight I was watching a program on T.V. about animals that have been neglected by their owners. It was indeed very sad to see these dogs being mistreated, living in feces, no food nor water. They were taken away by Animal welfare. They took pictures of where these dogs were living for proof when the owners were taken to court.

This saddens me, as I am an animal owner and love animals very much. What came to mind was where are the programs on T.V. about neglected children? Yes, we see news reports about this. But is that enough to stir peoples emotions?

Emotions for these pets ran high!!! You hear so much outcry for what is done to these poor animals whenever a report is made. Why can’t we have the same coverage for children of abuse, neglected at the hands of their caregivers.  How many more children need to die because others don’t care?  And that goes for CPS!!! How many have died while in care? Too many. The stats in Canada alone are staggering.

WE as adults have a voice!!!! We have an obligation to children everywhere, to see that they are safe. That their needs are met. We CAN’T keep turning a blind eye to abused and neglected children.  Animals seem to have more rights!!! Don’t let our children suffer. Look into the eyes of a child, see the sadness they carry with them. Reach out, take a stand, care like you would if you saw an animal abused.  We are their only hope, without our help, love and caring, they become invisible, to themselves and to society. Don’t let the children down….Mary Graziano/ copyrighted 2016

Listen to the words of my song that I wrote. Music and sung by my friend George Robinson, hopefully we will have this on a video.



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