My friend Velvet Martin, tells the story of her sweet Samantha, and how Samantha’s Law came to be. Please watch this heartfelt Video. See for yourself what was done to this sweet angel while in foster care.

Samantha Martin born June 4, 1993 and died on December 3, 2006 in Alberta, Canada. Born with a rare medical condition, the parents were directed by Child Welfare Representatives to surrender guardianship in order to access funding for necessary medical supports and services. These supports were not achieved; the child was grievously failed. Samantha’s mother pursued a public fatality inquiry and successfully petitioned the court for release from publication ban in effort to achieve a transparent examination of facts. Legislative amendment of the Alberta Child, Youth and Family Enhancement Act was established indicating families tasked with extraordinary medical and developmental needs must be provided equal access to supports and services as children under Ministry direction. Samantha’s Law establishes distinction between families accessing medical supports from those requiring child intervention.


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