He is the dragon.
The monster that controlled!!
Creating fear
Deep inside our soul.
We recoiled from his touch.
A choice? There was none!!
We were under his spell.
Believing it was our fault.
We were children. Vulnerable.
Frightened by his fiery words.
Spewing from his mouth.
Changing our lives forever!!!
This dragon continues to shatter tiny lives.
Devouring their innocence.
Powerful. Showing no remorse.
Fiercely he strikes!!
Taking all spark of life away.
Crushing the spirits. Hopes. Dreams.
Of children caught in his clutches.
A child feels dead inside.
Recoils. Succumbs.
All fight is gone.!!!
Now. As adults. It is time.
To stand up. Fight.
To slay the dragon that stole innocence.
The monster of abuse.
He WILL NOT win!!!
We are stronger.
No longer that small child.
Now knowing it was NEVER our fault.
We are now ready.
To destroy what harmed us in the past.
No longer silent.
We now have a VOICE!!!
Helping to free innocent lives.
Of children today.
We are warriors against abuse.
Protecting the innocent naivety of a child.
We will not be defeated!!
Together. We WILL be.
Prose by Mary Graziano©
Revised September 24,2015

Title and artwork by my fabulous,
Talented friend Michal Madison©

Michal Madison's photo.
Michal Madison

“Standing on the Dragon” ~ I have a hard time connecting with what’s going on in painting like this… It’s telling a story I am still discovering…

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