A child, such a precious gift given to us by our Creator. To protect. To love. To keep safe. Until the day they are reunited with God. Children are innocent. Not deserving of living with the pain from abuse of any kind. A child is suppose to bring to us so much joy and happiness. Seeing their smile for the first time. How much love they give us, and we give them. No child should have to suffer at the hands of abuse, neglect, thrown away like a “rag doll.” Please!!! Open your eyes, don’t look away if you see a child being abused. If a child comes to tell you. Don’t ignore. Listen. Get help. So many times people turn the other way. Seeing signs and knowing the signs of abuse, is important to saving the life of an innocent child. This poem I wrote a few years ago is heart wrenching but to the point…It goes along so well with my close friend Michal Madison’s painting. mg. 2016 ©
Hi. Just thought I would tell you
if you will listen to hear me say,
You were so happy when carrying me
inside of you, you rejoiced,
were so glad that day!!
But!! Now that I’m here, born to you,
it’s different, you have regrets!!
No hugs, no kisses do I ever receive,
When I cry, you smack me hard!!
My thoughts, my heart how they grieve
for love, I weep for myself, how I hurt!!
I just don’t understand, what did I do
so wrong to you?
Sadly, I feel like a grain of sand
swept away without a thought!!!
I’m a little girl/boy who needs you.
I don’t like it when your emotions.
become wild!!
When you scream. leave bruises
abuse me, it leaves me dead inside!!!
Love me, don’t abandon me,
Can’t you see!!!
I’m not a burden,
I’m just
Prose by Mary Graziano ©
Revised October 24, 2016
Title “I’m Not A Burden, I’m Just A Child” &
beautiful watercolour painting
by my wonderful friend/artist/advocate
Michal Madison©
Prints ~www.Michal-Madison.ArtistWebsites.com


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