Published by Mary E Graziano · April 22, 2017
Children who have been or are being abused do feel alone in the night. They are so afraid, feel ashamed, often times trying to hide within themselves, hoping the monster will disappear.  So many have no one to turn to, their cries go unanswered. I know all too well as do many others who have lived with abuse growing up how it feels to live with the “shame.”  As children, we felt this shame, as our abuser would often tell us “it’s your fault that this is happening,” what did we know?  We were children, the fear that permeated throughout our very soul, kept us prisoner.  Silenced, often beaten into silence or told we would be banished from the family unit.  So many ways to silence a small child.
We need to end the stigma of child abuse, not just during the month of April in the U.S. or October in Canada, but through-out all of the year.  Children are a precious gift bestowed on us by our Creator. To love, cherish, guide them on their journey through life.  No child should know the feelings of being abused, either sexually, physically or emotionally.  They should not live in hell binding them tightly to abuse.
It is our responsibility as adults to report abuse of any kind if we see it happening, know it’s happening.  Children are filled with so much fear inside, but may give you signs that something horrific has happened to them. Don’t turn away, nor pretend you don’t see it.  Our children need us, these vulnerable children, who often go to bed at night terrified, as the monsters from hell often visit a child as they sleep.  More often than not, a child knows their abuser. Please be there for a child of abuse. Help end the stigma, report abuse, it’s our responsibility!!!!


Published on Apr 29, 2014

Child Abuse Awareness and Sexual Assault Prevention video to show how we must speak out

**Not all of these paintings of children are abused children, happy to be able to say. There are a few that are very happy, well taken care of and loved children. We do all we can to protect the privacy of those who are being abused.”

All the beautiful Artwork belong to my friend Michal…
Words by Mary Graziano
Music and song sung by George Robertson.
video put together by Debbie Naylor Cox
I do own the rights to the Video and the Song



NAASCA Posters / Essays Celebrating April as National Child Abuse Awareness Month

Child Abuse lives everywhere don’t be afraid to talk about it
4 of 30 ..

Child Abuse lives ..
…... in every community
…... often its a family tradition

Sexual assault of children often includes incest.

Incest is sexual contact between persons who are so closely related that their marriage is illegal (e.g., parents and children, uncles/aunts and nieces/nephews, etc.). This usually takes the form of an older family member sexually abusing a child or adolescent.
There are very few reliable statistics about how often incest occurs. It’s difficult to know how many people are affected by incest because many incest situations never get reported. There are many reasons that the victim might not report the abuse.

The victim may be told that what is happening is normal or happens in every family, and doesn’t realize that it is a form of abuse. The youngster may not know that help is available or who they can talk to. Children may be afraid of what will happen if they tell someone, and may also be concerned about how many people will react when they hear about the abuse.

Incest is especially damaging because it disrupts the child’s primary support system, the family.

When the abuser is someone in the family, the family may not be able to provide support or a sense of safety. Since the children (especially younger children) often have limited resources outside the family, it can be very hard for them to recover from incest.

Incest can damage a child’s ability to trust, since the people who were supposed to protect and care for them have abused them. Survivors of incest sometimes have difficulty developing trusting relationships

It can also be very damaging for a child if a non-abusing parent is aware of the abuse and chooses—for whatever reason—not to take action to stop it.

Please see: Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network
RAINN: Child Sexual Abuse and Incest



NAASCA Posters / Essays Celebrating April as National Child Abuse Awareness Month

Child Abuse lives everywhere don’t be afraid to talk about it
6 of 30 ..

Child Abuse lives ..
…... in every community
…... in groups of every belief

Child abuse lives in every group and institution where children are gathered .. and this is true world-wide.

Late last year the UK’s newly formed National Crime Agency released a report verifying children in institutions such as schools, churches, clubs and care homes (like foster care) are not safe from abuse.

The NCA warned that child sex offenders often manipulate victims into believing the attention they get is an “honor”, making it hard for them to report abuse.
In many of the case studies, offenders groomed victims by offering rewards or privilege and the report highlights how, particularly in religious settings, victims and those around them are “often in awe of offenders.”

Victims in some cases were made to feel indebted to their abusers, making them feel that they were somehow complicit, experts found.

The report warned that management structures can discourage junior staff from reporting suspicions, and can also allow offenders to gain the trust of their victims and those who should be protecting them.

The report said in some cases, protecting the organization’s reputation had taken precedence over reporting abuse, and workers’ loyalty to the institution also stopped them from reporting concerns.

The NCA report outlines eight key recommendations for institutions. They include putting children’s interests first; creating a safe environment for reporting; effectively implementing and monitoring safeguarding policies; improving protection through safer recruitment; and releasing alleged offenders’ identities.

Please see:


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EYES OF FEAR!!! How many children….


How many children have been terrorized. Having eyes of fear?  Too many to count. We as survivors know the fear they have.  Our eyes also had that fear inside. They internalize the hurt they feel.  On the outside they may look fine to others.  Carrying on their day to day lives when away from home.  Not wanting to show the fear that dwells inside their eyes to others.  

Afraid to tell.  Afraid it will cause them more pain by their abuser.  Often times an abuser tells them they will hurt them or others in their family.  Silence.  Binds them together.  A secret!! Secured. Locked by the fear of what their abuser tells them.  

We, as survivors of abuse.  We are the voices for children hurt/abused/murdered.  We have escaped our abusers, are now free, alive.  We have a voice, because we decided we were not going to keep the “secret” quiet any longer.  We created a change in ourselves.  From the quiet, solemn child, or the child who entered into a world  of drugs/alcohol/etc. to an adult who looked for therapy, to help cope with the past, the P.T.S.D. to free us, and help us move forward.

Now, as we have moved forward in our lives, not letting the past hold us captive, we now have the strength to be a voice for the voiceless!!!  Our hurt consumed us.  We don’t want that for the children today.  We want them and any other survivors, to come forward, tell their story, as hard as it is. Releasing it brings a huge relief inside your body. As we use our voices, now powerful.  We are letting others know that it is okay to tell.  To break free from the shackles that held you prisoner.

We are helping to let children know, that it is the fault of their abuser.  The children did nothing wrong, no matter what the abuser said, or tells you will happen.  We the voices that were once silent, are here to help free all children who live in fear.  Hoping that they will listen.  So that they will never again have to face another day with EYES OF FEAR!!!!

By Mary Graziano©                                                                     April 24, 2016




April is Child Abuse Prevention and Sexual Abuse Awareness month in the U.S.A.

Will you be there for the children of abuse?

Michal Madison Art's photo.
Michal Madison Art with Michal Madison and Mary E Graziano.

I Will Be There For You

I will be there for you
To lift your spirits high,
Take away your doubts and fears
When all you do is cry.

I will be there for you….
Give you a shoulder to lean on
Without words I’ll hold you tight
And help you to be strong.

I will be there for you….
When no-one else does care,
Wipe the tear-drops from your cheeks
When life is just not fair.

I will be there for you….
When the darkness swallows night,
Hold your hand ‘til you do sleep
Together win this fight.

I will be there for you….
When shadows frighten so,
Reassure you, love you forever
Be with you as you grow.

I Will Be There For You…..

Written by Mary Graziano©
art by Michal Madison


A child, such a precious gift given to us by our Creator. To protect. To love. To keep safe. Until the day they are reunited with God. Children are innocent. Not deserving of living with the pain from abuse of any kind. A child is suppose to bring to us so much joy and happiness. Seeing their smile for the first time. How much love they give us, and we give them. No child should have to suffer at the hands of abuse, neglect, thrown away like a “rag doll.” Please!!! Open your eyes, don’t look away if you see a child being abused. If a child comes to tell you. Don’t ignore. Listen. Get help. So many times people turn the other way. Seeing signs and knowing the signs of abuse, is important to saving the life of an innocent child. This poem I wrote a few years ago is heart wrenching but to the point…It goes along so well with my close friend Michal Madison’s painting. MG. Feb. 13, 2016


Hi. Just thought I would tell you.
If you will listen.
Hear me say.
You were so happy.
When I was born to you.
You rejoiced. Were glad that day.
Now that I’m here.
It’s different.
No hugs. Do I ever receive.
Whenever I cry.
You smack me!!
My thoughts.
My heart how they grieve.
I weep for myself. I’m hurting.
I just don’t understand.
What did I do. So wrong to you?
I feel like a speck of sand!!
I’m a little girl/boy who needs you.
I don’t like it when your emotions.
Become wild!!
When you scream. Bruise. Abuse me.
Can’t you see!!!

Prose by Mary Graziano ©
Revised February 13, 2015

Title “I’m Not A Burden, I’m Just A Child” &
Beautiful watercolour painting
By my wonderful friend/artist
Michal Madison©

Michal Madison's photo.


My poem made into a song by my friend singer/songwriter George Robertson. This song is about how we raise our voices and shout out loud and clear when an animal is being abused, but how many of those people raise their voices and shout loud for the abuse of an innocent child? Something is wrong here. A human life should be first above any other life. NO CHILD SHOULD BE ABUSED/ neither should an animal..but when child abuse is talked about,
people turn the other way and pretend it doesn’t have anything to do with them, but it does..


Child Abuse Hides In Plain Sight

**Trigger Warning. I’m not posting this for the shock value–we all know child abuse is shocking. The following 30second PSA’s are meant to drive home the fact that most child abuse does not happen at the hands of strangers.

Read about Child Abuse Hiding In Plain Sight . . .

And thank you to Bill Murray my co-worker on our blog Together We Can Heal and founder of NAASCA (National Association of Adult Survivors of Child Abuse, for spreading his passion in raising awareness about this problem.

Child Abuse Lives

ChildAbuseLives                                                        Signs and Symptoms of the Sexually Abused Child


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April is Child Abuse Prevention and Sexual Assault Awareness Month

stopchildabuse2Today, April 1st, is the 30th anniversary of Child Abuse Prevention Month. Blue ribbons and pinwheels–symbols for child abuse prevention–will be worn and displayed nationally. During this month, there will be a national campaign effort to educate and raise awareness for preventing violence against children. Programs, conferences, workshops, and thousands of volunteers will help educate families, children, organizations and communities on how to prevent childhood abuse and neglect, how to recognize the signs, how to empower individuals to report abuse.

In 2009, President Obama was the first United States president to proclaim April as Sexual Assault Awareness Month. Awareness about sexual assault began in the 1970’s with TAKE BACK THE NIGHT marches. And here we are, 40 years later, wearing our teal ribbons, still fighting to get it right.  SexualAssaultAwarenessMonth

As more people look child abuse, sexual assault, and domestic violence in the face, we WILL get it right!


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