Re-Discovery Of The Spirit, The Real You!

Hello, this is Pastor Deborah. Of Agape Love, Love Is Here again with another Blog Post for you. Come and Begin To Re-Discover The Real You, The Forever Person, The Eternal Person – The Spiritual You! Come and Begin To Meet Yourself, The You That You May Have Never Met Before and If You Have You May Not Have Known It Was Yourself.

This Blog will begin the re-discovery of the deeply hidden Spiritual You, the Forever/Eternal You. The You that has been hidden from earthly sight to all but a few, hidden in darkness without Light even for it’s own eyes, Living Yet Dead. Alive but Dead to Light and Agape Love and All of It’s Healing.

Yes, Dear One you will begin to learn about yourself from the Video Blog linked on The Blog on Agape Love, Love Is Here Web Site Of Pastor Deborah at /

Come and Meet Yourself who has always been there, on inside of the physical body. From the beginning, you the spiritual being came into the earthly world in a body of dirt that was made/built for you to be able to enter into the earthly world from out of the womb. Dirt and Dust from biological DNA of genes from a sperm and an egg. DNA that over thousands and thousands of years has been altered from their original design of beauty. Genes altered by both spiritual effects and natural effects, yet with a design to create and make a physical covering, a dirt house, earthen clothes for the REAL YOU, THE SPIRIT YOU.

The Blog Post is in both a video form and a written form. Click on the link to connect to the Video and Blog. More Blog Posts will be coming to continue to help you Re-Discover the Real You and That Real You, The Spirit You NEEDS RESTORATION, RECOVERY AND HEALING just as much as your Soul and it’s many components and your physical body do. All 3 areas of you have been affected by the abuse and trauma of childhood and it’s many forms of abuse. The Spirit You also has been deeply abused in unseen ways that are still in need of deep spiritual healing to become Restored, Whole Again, To Be Able to Love Itself Again and To Be Able To Receive Love From An Unknown Source Of Agape Love. Healing is Possible to the Spirit and There is a Road To Recovery For It as well as Comfort and Support for it as It Travels the Road to Recovery and Healing in the Realm of The Spirit.

Love Always And Forever

Pastor Deborah

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