Spiritual Care, The Concepts of Restoration and Recovery

Hello Pastor Deborah here again with another Blog Post for you. Come and learn, read and watch Blog#2 on Spiritual Care, The Concepts of Restoration and Recovery connected to This wonderful Blog, Together We Can Heal of The National Association Of Adult Survivors of Child Abuse. In this Blog, I begin to introduce the concepts of restoration and recovery in Spiritual care. Click here to link to Pastor Deborah’s Web Site to read, listen to and watch the Blog Post#2. The Audio is also now on several Podcast Platforms to listen to or it can be watched on YouTube on the Church’s Channel entitled, The Hidden Kingdoms. The Video will also be in the web sites video library to watch.

Also, I will be uploading a Featured Article for the NAASCA homepage. The article is entitled, Spiritual Care, The Hidden Realm of Restoration and Recovery. This article will also be uploaded as a Podcast, and on the website to listen to.

Begin to ponder these new concepts of spiritual care and it’s role in restoration and recovery. Feel free to comment on these concepts that are introduced in this Blog and other ones to come as well as on the Featured Articles.

Love To All Always and Forever

Pastor Deborah

2 thoughts on “Spiritual Care, The Concepts of Restoration and Recovery

    • It is truly a pleasure and a great honor to be able to speak to precious ones who are very special and loved beyond their understanding by a loving Father that is not known by most. But He is sending out His Words of Spirit and Life to all to read and hear and come to know that there is spiritual healing for all with and through His Agape Love. Please continue to read and behold His spiritual unveiling of long forgotten treasures of the hidden realm of the spirit. May one’s spirit be encouraged and find it’s way To The Rays of Hope and find the Entrance to Agape Love.

      Love Always And Forever
      Pastor Deborah


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