Spiritual Care, The Role In Restoration And Recovery

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May 2019

Hello, this is Pastor Deborah of Agape Love, Love Is Here Church ( www.agapeloveishere.org ) from Pensacola, Florida.  I have joined together With Together We Can Heal, The Blog of NAASCA as a Blog contributor.  This Blog is to introduce myself to you as a Spiritual Care Professional, A Pastor who had been a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and a Nationally Certified Clinical Mental Health Counselor as well as a State of Florida Certified Victims Advocate with The State Attorney General, but am now a non-denominational Pastor that provides personal spiritual ministry to bring about spiritual restoration, recovery and healing of the spirit, spiritual teaching, spiritual words of encouragement, spiritual crisis intervention, and many other areas that abuse of any kind has touched and affected.

I have been providing spiritual ministry to individuals since 1995 after 10 years of Mental Health Counseling in many settings. A more indepth Bio is on the Web site of http://www.agapeloveishere.org or on The Church’s Youtube Channel entitled, The Hidden Kingdoms.  Also you can learn more about me on Linkedin under Pastor Deborah@agapeloveishere.

This blog is written to present to all a new concept  that maybe familiar to you or brand new. There are many different terms/names for some of the terms I will be writing about here in this blog, Spiritual Care and It’s Role in Restoration, Recovery, Healing and Support.

In the fields of Restoration and Recovery of Substance Abuse and other “Addictions” Support groups, recovery and restoration, Spiritual Care has been accepted and included as an vital part of a person’s recovery. Faith based ministry and programs from all faiths have provided community support and are very integral in the recovery and restoration of a person who is healing from an substance abuse or addiction to anything. The support groups which go by many names and are usually housed in churches, houses of worship and other places of faith.  These groups may go by Celebrate Recovery, Most Excellent Way, The 12 Step Programs, Teen Challenge, and Other Faith Based Programs that have successfully combined Spirituality and Treatment.

Most national Alcohol and Drug Associations as Well As those in Mental Health Areas, Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault, Human Trafficking have been successful in intergrading Spiritual Care and Treatment, Restoration and Recovery.

Faith and It’s Connection To A Higher Power has been apart of many support systems for those who are seeking healing, restoration, recovery from addictions.  But Spiritual Care and It’s Focus of inclusion of A Higher Power to aid and assist in the treatment, restoration and recovery of a Mental Health Diagnosis of an Mental Health Illness has not yet been accepted as an equal partner and just as vital as the Psychicatrist, The Clinical Social Worker, The Psychologist, The Trauma Informed Care Expert, The Licensed Mental Health Counselor, And The Other Professions that provide treatment for a mental health disease are.

This Blog is to help you, the reader to begin to see the value of adding this profession/ministry into your own recovery and restoration from child abuse of any kind. There are many well trained Faith Based Professional that are available to you and the fellowship and support that is given freely is vital to restoration and recovery.  Spiritual Care does come from a deep level of understanding of the effects childhood abuse has on the spirit and it’s heart. To help you begin to see the value of this level of Restoration and Recovery that can be added to all the other forms is what this blog is about.

To begin with, Pastor Deborah ministers from the concept that all humans are A 3 PART BEING. Every human consists of

 A Physical Body 

A Soul – That has 2 parts

The Conscious Mind with all it’s components

 The Sub-Conscious Mind , Which spiritually is called

-The Hidden Man of The Heart with all of it’s components

  A Spirit, The Real You

That Also Has It’s Own Body and Mind, Yet it lives in another realm, the unseen spiritual realm.

There are other names for these 3 different parts and some debate if there are 3 or just 2.  In spiritual care, that involves helping people with the spiritual part of the 3 part being. Some Faith Based Ministers as I am, have been trained in another area.  I have much former training in the area of the soul and some in the physical body.  Each profession studies and provides knowledge and treatment in one or two of the areas.  A Psychiatrist has really studied the Physical Body and The Biological Brain.  Some of these wonderful Drs. have also studied and are experienced in the area of the Soul, the Conscious and Sub-Conscious Mind. Then most of the Social Workers, Mental Health Counselors have studied the Soul area and it’s components and seek to bring healing, restoration and recovery in this area.

But Spiritual Care Provides Treatment, Knowledge and Healing, Restoration and Recovery in the area of The Spirit and it’s components.

When Abuse occurs to any one at any age, even in the womb, all 3 areas of a human are affected!  All three areas are abused, and each area responds differently and must all be helped to heal, be restored and recover.  All areas must have help, become knowledgeable, feel loved and safe, be attended to in different ways and then be allowed to slowly find the way to healing and recovery.

This first Blog post is just to introduce yourself to a new concept that needs to be pondered, discussed and learned about. When a new concept is introduced it takes awhile to understand it and to believe it and then to walk in it. There are many stories in movies that can help and many testimonies that others can give to attest to this idea that there are 3 parts of a human, the Physical Body, the Soul and The Spirit and all are effected by abuse and all 3 need to be healed, to be restored and find a path to recovery.

Thank you for reading and getting to know me, Pastor Deborah. You can look me up in more detail at agaploveishere.org – the website, on Youtube, The Hidden Kingdoms Channel, on Twitter Pastor Deborah@agapelove on Linked In At Pastor Deborah Schleich at agapeloveishere and on ITunes, Goggle Play, TuneIn for Podcasts and soon maybe on Google Play for free downloadable E-Books.  I will also will writing Featured Articles for NAASCA and continue to Blog here a couple time a month.

It was a pleasure to speak to you and to introduce myself and the ROLE OF SPIRITUAL CARE in Restoration and Recovery.

I would Like to Leave you with some words of encouragement.

Words Of Encouragement For Your Heart

To Walk Each Day Begins With Just One Step Out Of A Dark Place
That Has Unseen Chains Of Heaviness.
But Before One Can Take One Step,
First One Has To Take A Deep Breath Of
Hope Is New Every Day Just As The Sun Rises In The East
Vanquishes The Night,
One Breath Of Hope Vanquishes The Darkness Of The Long Night
Is Full Of Fresh Life For One’s Heart As The Spring Rains Refresh The Earth
Help Bring Forth A New Season Of Life.
Brings Forth A New Season Of Life Even Though The Darkness Has Held Your Heart For Too Long.
No Matter The Road One Is On With A Mental Health Illness,
The Road Always Has Others On It Looking Back To See You Getting On.
See, They Are Coming Back For You, For They Will Walk This Road With You And As Spring Rains Bring Forth New Life, Allow The
That Others Bring To Your Heart To Shower You With It’s Rays
Of Hope And Agape Love
Unconditional Love
For Your Heart.
Your Heart Is Not Alone Any Longer.
Just Breathe The Air Of Hope And Agape Love!

Pastor Deborah
Spiritual Care Department
Lakeview Center, Inc.

Looking With The Eyes Of One’s Heart

The Journey You Are On Will Require You To Look With The Eyes Of Your Heart.
You Must Be Able To See Past The Storms Of Darkness
The Winds Of The Tempest.
One Must Be Able To Look Beyond The Present
Into The Vastness Of The Future That Is Just On The Horizen.
If One Is Looking Out From The Center Of A Storm,
You Must Look Out With The
Eyes Of Your Heart
For Only The Eyes Of The Heart Can See Beyond The Present,
Beyond The Clouds And The Winds Of The Storm
Believe For The Future
Believing That This Storm Too, Will Pass
The Rays Of Sunshine Will Shine Again On The Heart
Bringing New Life, New Hope
New Days To Be Lived.

The Eyes Of The Heart
Everyone Has Them
Yet Many Can Not See With Them.
The Eyes Of The Heart
Can Be Blind To Many Things
When One Is Only Looking With The Eyes Of The Soul.

Love Always And Forever

Pastor Deborah

2 thoughts on “Spiritual Care, The Role In Restoration And Recovery

    • I am working on the next one for the end of the month, it has to do with the concepts of Recovery and Restoration. I will also have a video to go with it. It is also up on YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn and on Agape Love website.
      Will let you know when the next one is ready to be reviewed. Love Always and Forever Pastor Deborah


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