1. I live with self-doubt just about every day. Not sure when that entered my life but I do remember being a young girl and not doubting myself. Feeling absolute confidence and sure that I could do anything and everything I ever wanted. Wish I hadn’t lost that feeling along the way, but once I started feeling doubt creep it has never fully left me. I’ve mostly learned to adapt and live with it and to shield my insecurity from others very well. Living life with authenticity is definitely the most important thing for me. I call it living my truth, or anyone living their own truth. It comes with accepting that others truths can be different than my own and both can have equal validity. Living your truth is very connected to self-doubt. I’m working on embracing my self and my truth even when others have critical or judgemental opinions of me. We all know our own self better than anyone else and it helps to remind myself of that at times when someone thinks they know you and makes assumptions about you. Most of the time it is just them projecting their own issues onto you and has very little or nothing to do with you at all.

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