Facing the Monster

Mary Shared Michal Madison Art


How many of us have had to face the monster alone?  No one to help squash that fear. We were living as a child of abuse, living day to day facing the monster, many, waiting in bed at night, knowing that door would slowly creak open, and our worst nightmare would again come true. How many children today are facing their own monsters, have no where to turn as we did? Today Child abuse for the most part is out in the open, but that hideous monster does still live, often behind closed doors. Still kept a secret.

We need to be open to children, let them know that they are not alone, that they can tell someone, not keep it a secret.  We need to gain a child’s trust. They may have been told that if they tell, they or others in the family will be hurt, that in itself will often keep a child silent.  Talk to your children so that they don’t fall victims of abuse through family members, through someone at school bullying them, etc.  Let’s speak out against child abuse of any kind, not turn a blind eye to it because it doesn’t affect your child, it affects someone’s child, and that is one child to many.

We as adults, can help put the monsters away, so that there is one less child cringing in the doorway. Help stamp out child abuse…..m.g. ©2018

One thought on “Facing the Monster

  1. It is so important for adult survivors to talk about their abuse in age appropriate and healthy ways with the kids in their lives. Sharing our story makes it okay for them to share what they are going through and that is one way you can reach kids who are in trouble and need help. But also we need to teach kids BODY SAFETY and stay away from the outdated idea of stranger danger. Kids need to know the “monsters” are more likely to be someone they know well not a stranger, what to do if it happens to them, and also that not all abuse is violent. Kids need to be able to recognize what grooming is, and so do those working with kids. We need to be vigilant and trust when our gut is telling us something is not right about a situation. Kids being abused doesn’t happen in an isolated bubble usually. There are red flags to look for in the abusive adults and the child victims. When society treats talking about abuse like it is shameful, then we can’t teach how to look out for these things or intervene when it does happen.


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