Children who face abuse often feel like they are living deep inside a tunnel. A tunnel that grips them, unable to leave.  Feeling swallowed whole, left to their own demise, with no one coming to help rescue them.  Their lives, ruined forever. They live it every day.  

When someone turns a blind eye to abuse, it’s as if a child or anyone being abused doesn’t matter.  It’s like you are shutting the door, so you don’t have to see it, hear it,know about it. People sometimes feel that if it doesn’t pertain to them, then why bother!! Abuse won’t go away if we don’t as adults acknowledge that it is happening. Children need our help, they are afraid to come forward.  Afraid that they won’t be believed.  I felt that way as a child. I didn’t tell because who is going to believe that my abuser would do something to me?  So I stayed quiet, letting it fester inside of me for years, until I could take it no longer!!! Reach out to a child/person who you may know is being abused.  Listen if someone tells you that they are living a hell on earth.  Most of the time, they are not lying, not trying to get attention.  Listen with an open heart, find it in yourself to become aware.  If an animal was being abused so many people would come forward to help rescue them.  Why is it an animal receives more help than a human?  What is wrong with that picture?  Think about it, really think hard!!!! It’s up to all of us as adults to help, to fight for all things that hurt an innocent child.  Let’s change the statistics on abuse…STAND UP FOR A CHILD LIVING IN A TUNNEL of ABUSE!!! Do your part!!!


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