The beauty in her sapphire blue eyes
tinged red from emotional tears.
Today, just one of those days!!
She feels the need to release what lurks inside.
Letting go of all the negative feelings,
the dark emotions that hold her back.
Like a volcano, ready to erupt.
Releasing all that is pend up inside!!
Some days we just need to let go.
Our inner self, once silent, now waking.
To cry, is not a weakness, but a cleansing
of our soul. To be renewed.
Telling ourselves, “All will be okay.”
Tears. Flush away the demons that hide inside.
Calling them out, finally being rid of them!!
Tears, help to wipe your inner emotions clean.
Unexpressed emotions. Held back like a dam.
Now, set free. Spewing away bad thoughts.
Making room for positives. Bringing peace
to your heart, your soul.
Her sapphire blue eyes speak. Telling us.
“It’s okay if you’re feeling
Prose by Mary Graziano©Nov. 2015
Revised October 23, 2016
Beautiful watercolour painting
& title “blue” by my fabulous friend
Michal Madison
Copyright 2014


How often do we feel this way?  Feeling blue.  We often hold it all in, afraid to release the pain, the emotions that go along with it.  Let the tears fall, let it release all the hurt, anger, sadness that builds up inside.  Let your emotions erupt, calmness will begin to overcome you.  Soon, all that is pent up will subside, you will begin to feel peace inside. The tears will stop, the hurt will dissipate.  All that was held deep inside, is now released, bringing an air of confidence, relief.  Never keep your emotions locked up.  Sometimes when we feel blue, that’s okay.  It brings along the tears, to wash away emotional baggage.

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