Her dark brown eyes evoke sadness,
lips have lost their smile.
Lost when she sees hatred
born into a child.
Bigotry, in place of love,
anger in place of happiness!!
Eyes questioning, wondering why a child
is used in despicable ways.
Where is society, when a child is thrown
into the “lion’s den?”
Where are those who say they care?
In reality, they look the other way!!
A child feels the heartache
of not being loved, innocence lost.
Damage, that cannot be reversed.
Living in a bubble, unable to escape.
The future of a child, foreboding!!
Her heart cries for an abused child
who is neglected, sexually abused,
bullied, living with racism
that is still alive today.
All forms of abuse!!
She wants all children to live life content,
without convictions, to be free, able to run
play with laughter,
to just be CHILDREN!!
When was this lost?
When do we change what was eradicated?
How do we find strength to say NO
to this hatred that purges out
into the streets, into the lives
of our children?
Her eyes speak in silence,
her lips say “please don’t turn away,
let’s change our world by speaking up
for the future of children everywhere!!”
With pleading eyes she begs.

Prose by Mary Graziano©
Revised July 7, 2016

Beautiful watercolour painting
by my wonderful friend
Michal Madison
Vulnerable Expressions of Raw Emotion

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