A child of abuse is very cautious in trusting an adult.  They have been denied to live the life of an innocent, carefree child!! Hiding, in the shadows, as other children are free to be themselves, playing laughing, free spirits.  An abused child may often put on that happy face, but it is just a mask, to cover up what is or has happened to them.  I know, I was one of those children.

An abused child grows up in an adult world, being subjected to things that they should never know about, that corrupts their mind, body, soul.  Trust is often doubtful in the eyes of a child.  They are forever changed.  Degraded, a “puppet” on their abuser’s string.  Caught in a web of lies, decent, shame, being told it’s their fault these things happen to them. 

You must slowly earn their trust, lovingly, one step at a time.  Letting them know that you are a safe person, even then, that trust is going to take a very long time in coming.  They may have been told by their abuser, “I’m  a safe person and would never hurt you.”  A wounded child, lives with their wounds forever.  They are caught in the deep abyss, sometimes unable to ever climb out from the clutches of their abuser.  

We must not turn away, we must always believe a child, then help them, not leave them shackled in horrendous abuse!!! Believe, get their trust, call someone, don’t sit idle, don’t pretend it’s not happening.  If it were your child, wouldn’t you want someone to be there, let you know what happened or is happening to your child?  Take off your blinders, open your eyes to an abused and innocent child!!!  Mary Graziano©2016

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