Uniqueness is a wonderful thing. Can you imagine if we were all the same in this world? Nothing was different about us?  We all looked the same, had the same qualities, shared the same beliefs.  How boring would that be?

     I think that society needs to realize that there is a void in our world. The void; not enough love. Not enough compassion, Loving one another.  Reaching out to each other, having compassion, giving of oneself, Showing empathy, having faith in mankind.  Where and when did we start losing this? Where did we go wrong?

     There is so much hatred in all parts of the world, especially of late.  Is that the way things are going?  Are we as a human society beginning hate more? Believing that hate is deserving, because of someone’s nationality, religion, ethnic background.  The colour of one’s skin, who one loves?  Why does it matter? Our world has changed drastically because of this ideology. Racism, which covers, race, creed, sexual orientation etc., is one problem that is persistent in so many parts of the world.  We need to feel deep within our souls. Remembering that we are all in this world, supposedly to make it a better place. But we are destroying one another with all this hatred felt by so many.

     Prejudice attitudes bring with it ignorance and fear. So much is based on not having the knowledge of what another nation per say is all about. People are too quick to judge. This judgment brings with it stereotyping because we are so often not caring enough to find out about who one person or group of persons really are. We ignore the real picture, we tend not to care because they are different!!! All of this leads to discrimination.

     I guess it is a normal human response to have some sort of prejudice, whether it be racial, sexual, or other, because of one person or race being different than you. But does it make it right? No!!! Not in this day and age. I thought we had become far more accepting of others. It saddens me to see that this is not the case. Wars are fought today because of these differences. One nation wanting to take over all other nations. Life is too short to feel hatred for another.

     We are all unique.  Individuals. No one is better than the other, not in our Creator’s eyes. Not in my eyes either.  When we hear about all the violence in the world, for most of us it makes us sad. Violence tears lives apart, violence is hatred, violence ends discussions of peace, violence is like a weed, thriving, growing, can’t be stopped!! We must learn to love again, stand up for all the injustice in this world. Our Creator is a loving God, wanting us to love one another, not tear each other apart. 

     In closing, I would just like to say that kindness within society, within our world overall, could change how we see things. It can bring hope to the world, to humanity. This world might just become a little more positive, and a far better place to live in.  Let’s learn to embrace each other with love, compassion, kindness overall goes a long way.

Written by Mary Graziano©                                                 June, 2016

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