How can anyone expect to help a child be free from their abuser if you turn a blind eye and pretend that it didn’t happen, that it doesn’t pertain to you, you say “let someone else worry about it.”

 I’m sorry, but it affects all of us.  We as adults need to be vigilant in children.  Just because it isn’t your children, or family member doesn’t mean you can forget about it.  If you know that a child has been abused, or you suspect it, you have a duty to that child to report abuse.  If it turns out to be false, that’s okay, because you will feel better knowing you did something.  If it turns out to be true, again you have saved a child from abuse, may have saved their life.  All these things help children of abuse.  They are often silent in fear, or have been told that they better not say anything or their are consequences.  An abuser will traumatize a child into silence!!!

In this day and age where abuse has come out into the spot light, you would think that more people would stand up for the rights of a child, be there for them, but those blinders are still on, I’m afraid..But how many times do you see animal abuse in the forefront?and right away people jump on it and are appalled at what abuse an animal has gone through.  T.V. Stations have commercials for animal abuse.  I love animals and I am also appalled at what someone does to an animal, but please remember, humans come first.  Why is not enough done to show that children are being abused?  People often say they don’t want to see disturbing pictures of children.  But they look at these types of pictures of animals..How does that make sense?  It is time, to take off those blinders, stand up for the rights of children.  They need us., we need to stop the abuser from hurting another child.  By turning a blind eye, the abuser often gets away with it.Shame on us!!!! HELP STOP ABUSE!!!! OF AN INNOCENT CHILD!!!pizap.com14648293019851


  1. Mary Mary—you always have a way of bringing out the truth in what you say or draw— your prose is right to the point— That teddy bear is almost a trigger to me—but, just like my nightmares, when I wake up I thank God — that is all it was-a nightmare that I — we survived. Now we can move forward and help others by words like yours, to have better understanding of what it is like being a victim- who has turned survivor / warrior. HUGS


    • Thank you so much Carol, my friend. ❤ I'm sorry that the teddy bear was a trigger for you, but you are so right. We survived, and now we can help others heal, We now can show others that they too can move forward, even when our pasts were so many times horrific but the past is just that, the past, nightmares are just nightmares, we will wake up the next day, to face the day with thanks to God our Creator. Hugs and Love. ❤


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