EYES OF FEAR!!! How many children….


How many children have been terrorized. Having eyes of fear?  Too many to count. We as survivors know the fear they have.  Our eyes also had that fear inside. They internalize the hurt they feel.  On the outside they may look fine to others.  Carrying on their day to day lives when away from home.  Not wanting to show the fear that dwells inside their eyes to others.  

Afraid to tell.  Afraid it will cause them more pain by their abuser.  Often times an abuser tells them they will hurt them or others in their family.  Silence.  Binds them together.  A secret!! Secured. Locked by the fear of what their abuser tells them.  

We, as survivors of abuse.  We are the voices for children hurt/abused/murdered.  We have escaped our abusers, are now free, alive.  We have a voice, because we decided we were not going to keep the “secret” quiet any longer.  We created a change in ourselves.  From the quiet, solemn child, or the child who entered into a world  of drugs/alcohol/etc. to an adult who looked for therapy, to help cope with the past, the P.T.S.D. to free us, and help us move forward.

Now, as we have moved forward in our lives, not letting the past hold us captive, we now have the strength to be a voice for the voiceless!!!  Our hurt consumed us.  We don’t want that for the children today.  We want them and any other survivors, to come forward, tell their story, as hard as it is. Releasing it brings a huge relief inside your body. As we use our voices, now powerful.  We are letting others know that it is okay to tell.  To break free from the shackles that held you prisoner.

We are helping to let children know, that it is the fault of their abuser.  The children did nothing wrong, no matter what the abuser said, or tells you will happen.  We the voices that were once silent, are here to help free all children who live in fear.  Hoping that they will listen.  So that they will never again have to face another day with EYES OF FEAR!!!!

By Mary Graziano©                                                                     April 24, 2016



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