He stood outside the school that day.
Scared. So all alone!!
His heart beats fast. He contemplates.
’s going. To happen next.
Slowly. He trudged up the steps. Of the school.
He peered. Inside the door.
Kids were running. Down the hall.
With a deep breath. He walked inside.
Slowly. He trudged. Head bent down
He felt so very lost.
Unsure of himself. No knowing. Where to go.
Kids stared. Pointed. Laughed. At him.
Tears filled his big brown eyes.
A bigger boy. Comes up to him.
Pushes. Kicks him hard!!
He falls against the lockers.
His head. It hits the ground.
“This is my school.” The bully said.
He laughs. As he kicks him again!!
His face turned white. Much pain he felt. Painfully. Got up. From the ground.
He just couldn’t take. Much more of this.
Every school. He went to. A bully would hound him down.
Home that night. Sad. Depressed. He locked his bedroom door.
Shaking. He wondered why. He was a bully’s target.
No longer could he take it. Sadly. He had had enough!! His will to live. Was gone.
Tears clouded his eyes. As he wrote.
“Dear Mom and Dad I’m sorry.
I can
’t take this any-more.
Bullies are always hurting me. Thought. I could take care of it myself.
Didn’t want to worry you both. Goodbye.
To the angels I go.”
Prose by Mary Graziano©
September 10, 2013

Revised April 11, 2016
Children can sometimes, only take so much. Feeling they are targets of bullies, for some reason. No matter how many schools they go to, their lives become a living hell. Some feel suicide is their only resort. They can’t talk to anyone because of retaliation by the person bullying them.
We need to see the warning signs. Learn about them. Whether you are a parent, teacher, friend, whoever. If a child isolates him/herself, talks about suicide, gives away their possessions, are loners, depressed, these are signs that must be taken seriously.
Talk openly to your child about feelings. Reassuring them that they CAN talk to you about anything. Don
’t dismiss what they say, LISTEN, you may just save a life. It may be the life of your very own child!!                                       mgraziano©

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