I have a tiny child inside.
Who so badly.
Wants to come out.
When she feels a trickle.
Of courage. She retreats.
Just too afraid.
I need to try. Convince her.
The numbness. Fear she bears.
Can no longer. Keep her prisoner.
It’s now her chance. To finally let go!!
“The past. It’s gone. Move forward.”
As I whispered. Called her name.
“Come. Play with me.
Let’s have some fun.
Laugh. Sing. Let’s dance!!
Just like a small child should.
All happiness. It was stolen.
Leaving you. So unfulfilled!!”
Slowly. The door. From the inside.
Creaks open. She takes a peek.
Unsure. If she can trust me.
She sighs. With a sense of relief.
Her emerald green eyes. Brighten!!
To see. Her adult self. Safe.
Warmly. I said “I love you.”
A smile slowly. Creased her lips.
I returned her smile. Fervently.
Embracing. Love.
That fills the air.
Tears well up. Inside my eyes.
Happiness prevails.
Gently. I embrace her tenderly.
I can feel love. That was amiss.
She’s blooming. Just like a flower.
Eyes now. Twinkle bright.
Proudly. Now able.
To take a stand.
Like each petal. On the flower.
Happily. Displaying.
Their own true self.
We have come together.
As one. Never again.
Will we.
Ever part!!

Prose by Mary Graziano©
Revised March 3, 2016

Beautiful watercolour painting &
Title “Child Inside”
By my wonderful friend.
Michal Madison

Michal Madison's photo.
Michal Madison

“No matter
what happened
in the past, I now
begin to allow the tiny
child inside to blossom
and to know that it is
deeply loved.”
Affirmation from Louise L. Hay

“Child Inside”
watercolor by Michal Madison
copyright 2014
to purchase art. 10% of every sale
is donated to ending child abuse.

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