Autism ~ Autism Spectrum Disorder is often misunderstood. So many people have no idea of what it is, or what it does to a child. Two decades ago, in Canada and the U.S.A. 1 in 10,000 kids were diagnosed with Autism. Today 1 in 68 kids have been  diagnosed.

Children with Autism are often bullied at school. Children know they are an easy target. We need to bring Autism out more so others will understand what it is all about. Read about what it is here:

My prose on Autism as an Educational Assistant in the Catholic School Board of Ontario, Canada, I have worked with many children with Autism, and they are such beautiful children.



A word so often.
It’s not a disease.
You can’t catch it!!
A disorder.
Is what it is called.
By understanding.
It helps you to see.
It’s not their fault.
Don’t be appalled!!
Some can’t speak.
They rock.
In silence sit.
Some make sounds.
Is what they are doing!!
Wanting so badly.
To be heard.
Often ignored.
The words won’t come.
Therefore no-one will play!!
A word.
So often misunderstood.
Take the time.
To understand.
They are wanting.
To be loved.
Just like you!!
Children may often.
Flap their hands.
That could be a sign.
Of Autism Spectrum Disorder.
Repeating their words.
So please don’t stare!!
Many questions.
They may always ask.
Reach out. Be kind.
Lend a hand. When you can.
Show them.
You really do care.
A word.
So often.

Prose by Mary Graziano©
Revised March 6, 2016

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