Galena’s Pain

Galena’s black eyes.
Glazed over with tears.
Void of emotion.
Caused by abuse.
A broken soul.
Heart. Mourns a loss.
Self-worth. Destroyed!!
A beautiful child.
Lips that once smiled.
Now. Silent.
Hurt. Beyond words.
Confused. Alone. Shamed.
Dignity. Self-esteem wounded.
Beyond repair.
How!! Can she become whole again?
Deafening words. Is all she hears.
Her abuser’s screams. Echoing in her ears.
Imprisoned. In a web of lies. Deceit.
Told. It was normal. BUT HOW!!!
It feels so wrong.
Her body used. Innocence stolen.
Emotional numbness.
Steals any joy she once felt.
Her world. Dark. Cold.
She is filled with trepidation!!
We must.
Bring back the lives.
That stole so many children.
Like Galena.
So deserving they are. Of love.
Laughter. To be free spirits.
Pure of heart!!
Able to look for dreams.
Of a better tomorrow!!
Listen. Intently. With your heart.
Hear. The lonely cries. The pain.
Of an abused child.
Be the voice. For the silent!!
Help rekindle that vacant stare.
Fixed within their eyes.
In the eyes of Galena.
To one with a spark of hope.
Zest for life.
WE!! the adults.
Are their only chance.
For survival.
Help end the pain.
Of a child.
And Galena’s pain!!

Prose by Mary Graziano©
Revised February 28, 2016

Beautiful watercolour & title
By my wonderful artist/advocate/friend.
Michal Madison

Michal Madison's photo.
Michal Madison

“Galena’s Pain”
watercolor by Michal Madison

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