Mary E Graziano shared Michal Madison Art‘s photo.

She wasn’t anyone special.
She lived an ordinary life. But.
Endured so much chaos. Never gave up on hope.
Knowing in her heart. Better times would come. She pushed forward. With dreams. Passion.
Realizing. Whatever obstacles. Thrown her way.
Her spirit would sustain her.
Nothing would break her down.
She showed it.
By the way she held her head. Her demeanor.
Eyes that spoke. To others. Without words.
They tried to understand. Wishing they too. Could find hope!!
By helping them. Pursue their own dreams. Aspirations. They looked to her. For guidance.
Clenching their hearts. When she told them.
“Whatever God sent my way. It was a test.
A test of my resilience. Telling me. To keep pushing forward.
NEVER give up!!”
Her belief in the Creator.
Kept her grounded. Able to face any circumstances. That befell her.
Others. Began to understand.
Realizing. It was possible. To follow one’s dream. To believe in hope. To see. One day their own future.
Would also flourish. All. Thanks. To an ordinary hero.

Prose by Mary Graziano ©
Revised February 1, 2016

Beautiful watercolour painting,
By my wonderful friend Michal Madison©
Michal Madison Art

Michal Madison Art's photo.
Michal Madison Art

This month we celebrate the many incredible African-Americans who have made history, changed the world, become famous for what they have achieved. But there are others, no less important. Their names won’t be recorded in a history book, their faces won’t be seen on TV, but the lives they live are just as remarkable. They are our mothers, fathers, uncles, aunts, sisters, brothers, people who have become our family though no blood relates us, our neighbors, friends, strangers. Unnoticed ordinary heroes, changing the world one person at a time. Every day, without spotlights, they create history worth remembering.
Thank one of these heroes today, without them the world wouldn’t be the same. ~mm

“A hero is an ordinary individual who finds the strength to persevere and endure in spite of overwhelming obstacles.” ~Christopher Reeves

“Ordinary Heroes”
Watercolor by Michal Madison
Copyright 2014
Michal Madison Art

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