What chance does a small child have?   They are taught to have respect for all adults. When an adult abuses a child, often times they will tell them that it’s a secret between the child and the abuser. Often times the abuser will tell the child “if you tell, I will hurt your sister/brother, I will kill you and your family.” The abuser will say anything to gain the secrecy of a child.

A child is left in “limbo” afraid, feelings of shame and guilt. believing it is their fault that this has happened. They may think that if they do tell no-one will believe them. Afraid of the consequences.  We as the adult must break that cycle. We need to reach out, let a child know that secrets are never good. Especially if someone touches them inappropriately, the need to tell this “secret.” 10369053_563937357043350_3915479966101125579_o

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