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So many people in my part of the world are suffering tonight. My prayers are with the broken hearted who are mourning the loss of someone they love, someone who meant the world to them..


Being in California in March visiting my wonderful friend Michal and being in San Bernardino and Redlands what happened really saddened my heart. Just goes to show you it can happen anywhere. So senseless. Crippling so many hearts. Whole communities shattered!!!! May Creator bless everyone in both of these communities. 💜


A look of sullen disbelief
In many countless eyes.
Angry tears. A day of mourning.
December 3, 2015.
Another date.
Burned deep in our hearts.
Fourteen innocent lives.
Massacred. For reasons why?
Twenty one others.
Wounded. Hurting. Numb!!!
Creator. Heal their broken bodies.
Make them whole again.
Unite them with their families.
To help bring comfort.
So they feel safe!!
No place in our Creator’s world.
Hearts. Hurt. Beyond repair.
Too many grieving families.
Towns. Cities. Torn apart.
Children scared. Questioning.
How do they comprehend?
Why their loved ones.
Gone. Forevermore!!!
So many searching.
For answers.
Answers that may never come.
Our world. Once again. Shattered!!!
Flags of the United States.
Lowered at half-mast.
To show love. Respect. Support.
To another senseless act.
I write these words.
Out of reverence.
My heart feels heavy. Sad
For all those who died.
A senseless death.
For the wounded.
Their lives forever changed.
I want to let them know.
So many really do care.
We stand with you. In solidarity.
For all those shot down.
The wounded. Others who escaped.
Families of all.
Never be forgotten.
Butterfly angels they are.
Now in Heaven.
Given wings by Creator Himself.
Let healing begin.
In this world. We call home.
Pray. For peace to overtake hatred.
Abolish abomination!!!
It’s destroying too many lives. Our world.
A band aid won’t fix or heal this.
A bigger solution.
Needs to be found.
It’s up to us.
To end all hatred. Sadness. Tears.
Most importantly.
Having to live day to day with.

Prose by Mary Graziano©
December 4, 2015

Beautiful Watercolour painting by
My wonderful friend Michal Madison©

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