How Many More Hearts Need Be Broken?




How many more hearts need be broken? This time so close to home. Although I live in Canada I did visit California last March. I was in Redlands visiting my wonderful friend Michal Madison. Redlands is a beautiful place. I just love it there.  We went to San Bernardino also. When I heard of what happened my heart was in the pit of my stomach. Why? Why must their be so much hatred in this world? So many innocent lives, wiped out. When going to a Christmas Party, getting themselves all dressed up to enjoy good company with fellow employees. Having good food, chatting away, laughing. The next minute, all hell breaks out.

I cannot even imagine what went through the minds of all who were there.  Wondering what was happening. Seeing their friends gunned down. Innocent lives. Lives of loved ones, who will not return home. One minute enjoying fun, happy times. The next, carnage, screams, death!!!!

How do we change what is happening in this world of ours? When will it end?  Only our Creator knows the answer to that, but we as the rulers of this earth, must come to some kind of answer. We NEED to find a way to get along. No one is superior. Some may think they are, but in reality they are not. We are all equal in God’s eyes. No matter the colour of our skin. Our ethnicity. None of this should matter. But it does!!!! The world is in a downward spiral. One that seems is never ending. It needs to be stopped. Life is too precious. But so many are deciding that they are going to rule the world.  

Our children, don’t understand what is going on. Those children in Paris France, who lost their parents, relatives, must have so many questions. Fear pierces their souls. Now in the U.S.A. it has happened again, and in other parts of the world it happens over and over.  This past week has left a sour taste in so many people. Again children have been left fatherless, motherless. Tears will be blinding them. Unanswered questions as to why? So many will be so afraid  to go to school, leave their parents/parent in case it happens again. 

I pray that hatred doesn’t fill their hearts. I hope it doesn’t fill the hearts of all people.  Hatred only brings more hatred. Forgiveness, is something so very very hard to do. WE as survivors of abuse know how hard it is.  If more people would forgive, maybe this world would be a better place.  It has to start somewhere. We can’t keep on living in fear, looking over our shoulders, wondering when it is going to happen again and where. Even living here in Canada, I often wonder how safe we really are. Our world needs to be shaken up like a snow globe, releasing all the hurt, hate, abuse. Bring it back to a state of peace. My thoughts as written by myself Mary Graziano© Dec. 2015

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