As children we need to feel loved. To be told that our parents love us gives a satisfaction to our soul. Knowing we will be precious in their eyes. That we will be protected. It builds our self esteem.

But when you are told as a child hurtful words, it tears you apart inside. Keeping quiet, repressing all that is said to you. It takes you into your adulthood, where your self esteem is shot down. I as a child have never ever remembered being hugged by my mother or told “I love you.” I buried it deep inside. I was quiet. Never thought I was worth loving. Even when I was told that because they adopted me “I was special.” How could I be special if they never showed me love. Only by my father did I receive love in the wrong way!!!

Children are so vulnerable, innocent. Their lives are built around the love they feel from their parents. Instills in them wholeness, goodness about themselves.

Please hug your child today. and everyday. Tell them you love them. Show them that love. They will be forever grateful.

I won’t ever feel that love, but that’s okay now, because I have grandchildren who I love and tell them that whenever I see them. ~ Mary Graziano©

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