285634_305647922891595_576839255_nWhy? Why? Why? Just Why?
A question so haunting. 
We often ask.
You stole our lives.
Our existence!!
Our tears were hidden.
Behind a mask.
We would cry inside.
Silent tears.
Too afraid to make a sound.
You abused. Hurt. Threatened us.
Our thoughts. So scrambled. 
So tightly bound.
The whys will never be answered.
We must move on.
Leave it behind.
We are much stronger.
We are survivors.
Even when the whys.
Still enter our minds!!
You see. You crushed our spirits.
Stole our inner child.
So small.
Children were we. 
We didn't understand.
You were the adult. 
It was your call!!
We as adult survivors.
No longer live in your shadows anymore.
We now have a voice.
Now use it.
To expose you.
And all your gore!!
My whys from the past.
Never to be answered.
I understand. 
Accept it now.
Writing. Talking.
No longer silent.
To this I promise. 
I vow!!

Prose by Mary Graziano©
revised October 17, 2015

Awesome Watercolour painting &
Title "Why? Why? Why? Just Why?
By my fabulous friend, advocate/artist/survivor
Michal Madison

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