The Mirror

The mirror is my enemy.
When I look inside I see.
A little girl who is so lost.
Tears well up in me.
She looks so frightened.
so very sad.
I can’t reach out or touch.
It’s just too hard.
To look at her.
The memories.
Are just too much!!
I know she needs my guidance.
She reminds me.
Of all my fears.
Hate I see. Inside her eyes.
She sheds so many tears.
I walk away. Leave her.
Can’t bear to see her cry.
I try so hard.
To block it out.
Just too many tears. To dry.
As I turn.
I look back into the mirror.
My adult self I see.
So many thoughts.
I remember.
They just envelop me!!
If I could smash the mirror.
That little girl would disappear.
But then she would be trapped inside.
Her abuser wins.
Would still be living in fear.

Prose by Mary Graziano©
Revised October 2015

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