Please>>>If you care about our children. Please share this important video. I wrote these words for all the children who have and are being abused. We need to help save as many children as we can. Sharing this hopefully will let others who turn a blind eye to maybe open their eyes and feel for the children who go through abuse. Children are our future. heart emoticon
The Forgotten Children version 2

**Not all of these paintings of children are abused children, happy to be able to say. There are a few that are very happy, well taken care of and loved children. We do all we can to protect the privacy of those who are being abused.”  Mary E Graziano,copyrighted

All the beautiful Artwork belong to my wonderful friend Michal Madison. Artist/advocate/prose writer­ies.html…
Words by Mary Graziano
Music and song sung by George Robertson.
video put together by Debbie Naylor Cox
I do own the rights to the Video and the Song

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