Schizoprenia~learning to Thrive

Please .. check out this 3 min video, now posted on the NAASCA web site’s Media Watch page !

“Schizophrenia~Learning To Thrive”
by Mary Ann Goughler, NAASCA family member

Here’s a video biography of Living, Thriving w/Schizophrenia as well as being a wife, mother, grandmother and an artist, published poet, and accomplished professional Mental Health advocate.

Mary, a child abuse survivor, says, “This is National Suicide Month. I want to offer hope / support for all. Thank you in advance.”

Lynn Tolson, another NAASCA family member, said it well: “Wow, MaryAnn, what a well-done video. I see you incorporated your fantastic art into it. You really gave your all; what a gift you are sharing with survivors and others who may struggle with mental health. Thank you for showing us how you cope, create, and thrive. Very inspiring.”

We couldn’t agree more!

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