Sadness envelopes Madi’s
dark brown eyes.
Her gaze. Filled with emptiness.
Lips. Pursed together.
Trying to hold back tears.
Sorrow fills her heavy heart.
Madi represents children abused.
Shackled to a life that strips their soul.
This. The destiny they face each day.
Her heart breaks. Knowing the hurt
each child endures.
Innocent children. So all alone.
Fear. So intense. Permeates
throughout their body. Intimidated.
Tremulous voices. Whispers.
No-one hears.
Darkness stirs dreams. So haunting.
Alone. Facing the shadows of night.
Manipulation. Control.
The game of the abuser.
His/her words etched deep.
Takes over a child’s thoughts.
Brainwashing them.
Believing. What they say is truth.
Leaving them numb. Dead inside.
Madi’s pleading eyes.
Speak more than words ever could.
“Help fight for rights of all children.
Who suffer the atrocities from abuse.
Don’t let the monstrous abuser
Take control over an innocent child!!”
Feel their pain. Madi’s pain.
Help keep children safe.
So much heartache.
Through the eyes of a child.
Madi’s eyes.

Prose by Mary Graziano©2015
Revised July 7, 2015

Beautiful watercolour painting/title
“Madi’s Eyes” by my wonderful
Michal Madison
©2014 www.MichalMadisonoArt.com11193252_695986783857705_1451123645745758095_n

2 thoughts on “MADI’S EYES

    • Cathy,
      There are so many resources out there that can help you as a survivor and as a survivor,you can help others by giving them a voice!! NAASCA website has so many excellent resources and support groups!! Thank you again for having a voice for yourself and other survivors!!


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