2 thoughts on “Let Yourself Be Loved

  1. Very hard to do. I finally succeeded in letting down my guard about 8 years ago (after being on my own for about an equal amount of time after my 2nd divorce), only to wind up with another failed relationship. And I know it was my fault it failed.

    At nearly 62, I really don’t have it in me to try again. I’ll rely on my beagle for company. Wish that weren’t the case, but I don’t see any other way for me.

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  2. Don’t lose hope. Everyday we deal with our issue we are one day closer to healing. Trust God will send you want you need. You deserve everything great in life. This is something we have to say to ourselves over and over…as survivors its often had to believe because we have been programed otherwise. We have to actively erase and program new things.


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