2 thoughts on “You Have A Choice

  1. I know when I allowed myself to let go of the unhealthy grudge against my family. When I decided not to have a lot to do with them my world changed. I was able to concentrate more on the present and my lovely little family of my husband and daughter and his rather small family of inlaws.

    I have never looked back, they call from time to time when they want something but I give them short shrift. NAASCA now takes up a bit of the time so I am productive instead of stuck in a negative vortex, trying to understand why me. It happened, I am scared now for life but My wounds are healing nicely and life goes on. Yes I have limits some socially and some mentally. For example I have anxiety in social situations, always thinking people can read me. So I limit my circle to trusted friends and inlaws. But letting go is I think the start to real healing. Telling the story of your past hurts less if you have removed the villains form your day to day world.

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  2. I am so pleased to have this wonderful blog. Even though I am a middle aged women not into computers. The very fact I can read the thought for the day and other peoples comments and thoughts means a lot to me. It gives me an added sense of belonging, which when you come from a place of great denial is so refreshing. I feel like I could link arms. Instead I will put the kettle on drink a toast of tea to choices and blogs.

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